Babolat Pure Aero + Tennis Racquet

SKU: PRT-BAB-RQ-101254
Babolat makes some impressive updates to the AeroPro Drive Plus, starting with the name. This version is called the Pure Aero Plus and it is perfect for intermediate and advanced players looking to crank up the pace and spin. Like its predecessor, this stick’s extended 27.5” length adds some explosive momentum to groundies, serves and overheads. As with the other members of the Pure Aero family, the stringbed has been retooled for bigger spin and power. Babolat achieves this with FSI Spin Technology which features wider cross spacing (for added bite) and larger grommet holes (for increased string movement and extra snapback). From the baseline the Pure Aero Plus will give big hitters the ingredients to hit with an impressive level of power and accuracy. Players looking to hit with heavy topspin or penetrating slice should love how effectively this stick grabs and rotates the ball. The somewhat beefy swingweight not only provides extra comfort and arm-safety but it also helps keep the Pure Aero Plus steady against higher levels of pace - a feature that comes in handy when blocking back big serves or counter-punching heavy balls. At net this stick feels solid as a rock, and it comes with some serious put-away power. Finally, the extra length makes for lethal overheads and serves. With a new name and some impressive tweaks to the stringbed and grommet system, Babolat has taken the old AeroPro Plus to the next level. Aggressive players looking to impose their will with pace and spin should give the Pure Aero Plus a very serious look.

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